About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The outbreak of coronavirus changed the world.

In response, we have changed too.

The Movement Studio is now online with in-person classes held in cities with trained faculty. The list of locations will be constantly updated.

Our class offerings have changed to reflect our current world. We have always believed that dance and movement are for everyone. With the reality of waves of the virus's resurgence setting in, we believe strongly that children- whether or not they train in dance- must train for exercise and conditioning. As a result, we have added exercise modules for kids aged 7+ . The exercise programs are designed to be fun while incorporating all the primal movements that a child needs. They are also designed to be zoom-friendly and safe to learn.

Our Pilates classes are online now. With a mix of props, they are more interesting and effective than ever!

Reach out to us for more details and keep moving!


Our Story

The Movement Studio was founded in 2017 with a clear vision-

We will pursue excellence in dance and movement training in every single class.

Several examinations, shows and dance parties since then, we have done exactly that. The children have been trained in strength and conditioning, Jazz technique as well as Ballet to present their work in front of international examiners and on the stage in front of their families. 

We took a short break in 2022 to heal from the devastating losses that the pandemic caused. But we are back now, stronger and more committed to our vision than ever before.

Meet The Team


Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD)

Our dance programs are affiliated with CSTD.

The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing came into being in 1933. It functions as an independent board of dance education. Headquartered at Australia, CSTD is an internationally recognized body, providing syllabus across dance styles, examinations and certifications to its students and teachers.

CSTD offers syllabus in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, Theatrical and Contemporary.